Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Growth of an African Violet Trailer

Darling, don't be Blue (yet)!

Darling Blue Trail
This tiny, little plant has been trying to bloom since the first week I planted it. 

We've come a long way already, huh? 
Okay. So, it grows itself...just as advertised
All I have to do is pluck a leaf now and then or nudge out the tiniest little buds you ever saw! 

Have faith in the forgiving ease of growing a trailer!
We went from this (on the left) to this (on the right) in just 2 months! Once the center grew out I removed the longest, lanky leaves and set it lower in the pot. Since, I've only taken one leaf off directly over the new crown. 

It has 2 crowns and several more sprouts I'm watching. Hoping they're not blossoms?
It's true.  Read this somewhere: Get the leaves the way you want them BEFORE it blossoms. 


  1. Awesome! I just got a trailer from my new AV society and it is so cute! It is in bloom now and I will leave it to bloom a bit more before I attack it. But I will try to follow your advice here and have it grow itself before it bloom anymore. Thanks!

  2. LOVE your new masthead photo!!!! Two thumbs up!