Friday, June 19, 2015

Starting Over . . .


Sometimes it just has to be OKAY to begin again! 
I admit it:
I've killed a lot of African Violets in the last year. Once again, LIFE got in the way. I went from way too many plants to nearly none. Throwing water at them and promising to care for them "tomorrow" is sure recipe for disaster. 

I knew it while I was doing it. 
In hindsight it probably would have been better (easier on my soul) to just turn the lights off and throw everything in the trash all at once, rather than trying to coax the few survivors back to life. Trying to "fix" whatever ailed them - beyond obvious neglect - only prolonged the agony. 


When plant care stops being fun and instead feels like a chore it's probably time to look for other interests to bring joy back into your life. I bought a Schacht Ladybug Spinning Wheel and taught myself to make my own yarn! (But that's a different story on my other blog!)

I’ve paid my penance. 
I proved (to myself) I would care for one shelf of crappy plants long enough. A couple of weeks ago I decided to allow myself the reward of new plants. 
I am (happily) starting over!
2 orders have been placed.  Hopefully those 12 new plants (plus a freebie for leaving a review at Rob's Violets) will begin their journey through the USPS soon.  The first grower I ordered from was Travis Violets.  He replied in an email the he was "swamped" and the last time I looked my check hadn't even been deposited.  

In the meantime, I posted on the Facebook page for AV Nerds asking for help in my search for  Ness Crinkle Blue. Within an hour a kind lady from Missouri offered me one. And then sent me a box containing more than a dozen starter plants and leaves. They arrived ahead of the others . . . 
It has begun! 12 to 30 in just a few days?
Season 2 of the podcast All About African Violets is underway!

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