Tuesday, September 12, 2017

For the love of African Violets . . . here I go again!

In the beginning there is hope

In August of 2017 I had exactly 4 African Violet plants left. They were all Tiger Trail. All in bloom on windowsills. An impulse decision to turn ONE lighted shelf back on and start a new collection of AV's struck early in the morning of August 29th.

I went shopping at Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses. I bought 4 plants:
Honky Tonk Blues
Ness' Angel Glitter*
Pastel Princess*

They arrived very quickly, three budding and ready to flower. Cirelda had at least three crowns but all "babies" that needed separating. Surgery went well and all 3 were potted up. Because the shelf is pretty bare. And that's what we do when promising to limit our collection. (* means one leaf was plopped into a pot of it's own to further break the limitation guidelines previously mentioned.)

Yesterday an order for 8 leaves was placed with the same vendor:
Tropical Sunshine
Mac's Just Jeff
Precious Rose
Heart's Aglow
Twist 'n' Shout
Tequila Rose
Midnight Rascal
Persian Lace 

Heaven help me?
(No. It'll be fine :) 
picture soon but I gotta go start my day.

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