Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Self-Watering Glazed Ceramic Plant Pots

Experimenting (again) with cute planters

. . . carefully!
Several years ago I bought 3 of the really big 2-piece blue planters and they worked for a while. They're really too big for what I wanted them for so they went into storage. 
The no-names I tested them out with kind of wilted and looked like they needed a rescue. I called it quits on that experiment. You really do need to add more Perlite than you might think. At least more than I thought!
I found these cute, smaller planters at GreenCare.  
Time to experiment again!

At left is the sucker I removed from Beca's Pink Crochet on August 15th. At the time it was 2 tiny leaves with just a hint of the center leaf forming in the middle.  Doing pretty well, so far! 
I kept it in a dome until the 2 biggest leaves were shoving against the sides. It probably needs more Perlite. For now I'm not really keeping the reservoir filled more than a quarter of an inch.

Middle plant is Ness' Fantasy Gold. It seemed like a good candidate for this style of planter's top surface as it seems to want to stand tall and drape over as it grows. It was rubbing against the isolation dome and wanted out. AND I love the shape of the leaves and wanted it out where I can endlessly pick it up, twirl it for sucker or bud inspection & check water level enjoy it!

At right is another new arrival named (excuse me while I go pick it up, twirl it for inspection to see how she's doing and check her name tag) . . . (again - because by the time I wrote that last section I forgot what it said!) Sky n Snow!   

<sigh> What was I going to do while I was in there?  ;)

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