Friday, September 7, 2012

Some Improvement, right?

24 days of Change

   (Arrival date -August 14)                                                                                   (September 7, 2012)


Heaven's Reflections

Blueberry Kisses
(Accidentally broke off a leaf right in the center. You can hardly tell? Will probably crowd itself like most girl-leaf AVs. )


Rob's Combustible Pigeon
(Wished for some variegation. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR! Culture change, you think?!)

Beca's Pink Crochet
(Trouble free - shapes on it's own it seems. Starting to put out buds.)

Storybook Princess
(Fast grower! Still a little twisty and leaves are sand-paper rough.)

Reflections of Spring
(Feels like VELVET!  Yes, I've petted & caressed the leaves every time I've picked it up. Daily. At least. Poor little thing! ;)

Cupid's Jewel
(Still a little twisted .. . . center not so tight.)

Rob's Heat Wave
(2 more leaves to take off from culture break.)

Lollipop Kid
(Have taken sucker leaves off every other day. Slower grower but new leaves seem softer, nicer.)

Kandy Kitchen
(Ummm . . . ?)

1 comment:

  1. No 'baby-childhood' photos of that 'wild child' Lime Jewels???? ;)
    They all look happy in your care! Quite a bit of improvement/growth in less than a month! :)
    (Thumbs Up!)
    Rob's Combustible Pigeon's variegation looks like the 'ideal crown variegation... wonder how it will grow out? I have BIG problems keeping this type of variegation!!!
    One observation.... seems the lighter foliage plants have more of the 'tight, curled' problem foliage....???? Wonder Why????