Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"What did you do to my Ma?" ;)

Ma's Second Thoughts
I started updating my newest African Violet arrivals in the tab section at the top, rather than individually. While I was editing the pictures I took to tell part of the story, it became clear I may be a little too rough with my handling of new arrivals. 
I once proclaimed this to be @LaurieCare - a risk factor all plants coming into contact with me faced. 

 Perhaps I need to refine my er... technique...quite a bit!

Ma's Second Thoughts (before)
Ma's Second Thoughts (after)

Time will tell how well their recovery goes. But the enjoyment of the moment did my inner well-being a world of good.
My recovery is well under way! ;)
(Perhaps a  patch of light hanging over a few plants on the kitchen counter should be prescribed instead of so many anti-depressant pills?)

I picked up a new shop light & package of T8 tubes at Home Depot a week or two ago. 

So, when HD sent me an email with a $10 off coupon I decided to replace the other one as well.  Mine were all from about 2003, I suspect.

Headed to the garden center checkout. She declined the coupon! The lights weren't technically found in the garden center. The fine print I neglected to read apparently would have pointed out the coupon came with strings. I asked for someone higher-up to plead my case to. (I tried the nice "Customer is always right" approach" of pleading, with some begging thrown in for good measure.)

Invoked "I'm a valued customer...it says so right on that coupon!"
Okay, she was pretty insistent it wouldn't do any good: I may have said "I should just walk away and go to Lowe's." oops!
Turns out whomever she finally spoke with once she picked up the phone to give it shot asked if the "Customer was being Nice About It?"  She said yes... ?

I got the discount.

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  1. I meant to tell you a few days ago, how much fun I have everytime I look at this post! :) And it's been several!
    I love to 'groom' plants... my mom says she feels like she should move her violets into her closet when I am coming to visit.. or else they will all get 'haircuts'! :)
    And 'lights that hum' tell me about it...
    guess I can't let 'the waltons get ahead of me'... :)