Wednesday, August 15, 2012

3rd time's the charm?

Let's begin with forgiveness.

I didn't kill all those other African Violets on purpose!  I'm going to try very hard to treat the ones that come into my possession in the future much better.
Honest, I will do my best.

I'm starting over.
(Turning over a new leaf!)

The lights are back on.
I found a 30% off sale and shipping was 1/2 off if you ordered 10.
So, I ordered 10 from Jack's Violets on Ebay :)

Kandy Kitchen
Storybook Princess
Beca's Pink Crochet
Blueberry Kisses
Heaven's Reflection
Lime Jewel
Reflections of Spring
Rob's Heat Wave
Cupid's Jewel
Lollipop Kid
Rob's Heat Wave
Rob’s Combustible Pigeon (Gift)

My starting-over order arrived Tuesday!
According to track and confirm it was mailed Saturday from Texas and landed in Maine Sunday night/Monday morning. Delivered safely into my hands before the mail lady got halfway up the drive Tuesday because I saw her coming from around the block and walked down to meet her.

I will say the packing may have been the best I've opened ever. Less than 10 over the years as the measuring stick, for what that's worth. 
But still . . . !
Hardly a speck of soil out of place, only a few immature leaves on the edges mushy, a few broken stems - admittedly two during unwrapping! A couple of plants have center leaf damage - cracks from getting folded and will need to be removed eventually, as the plant grows out. The plants show a bit of twisting and curly leaf growth that looks more like perhaps they were crowded and a lack of grooming, rather than real problems. They're clearly young starter plants, but at 30% off and half-price shipping I have no complaints. 
(Full price might have been another story.)
Heaven's Reflections

There's a long way to go before any of these are "show quality" . . . although the only shows I've ever participated in were the virtual kind on Violet Voice. Mostly it's going to take patience while they do their thing.
And NO Hovering!

I had my nephews for the day so not much beyond unpacking them and spreading them out in a tray happened yesterday. Today I got to put my fingers into plant pots and make a tidy little mess. At a relaxed pace so I could enjoy AVs once again.

My 1st order in 3 years have been re-potted, suckers removed with great care. Oops. Perhaps one little slip with an Exacto knife trying to cut a sucker off so that it might be big enough to keep. We'll see how that went in a few days!

Sorry, Laurie.
that's me :)

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