Thursday, August 16, 2012

Already with the oops!

Storybook Princess

Day 2.

I turned on the lights for the day and stopped to take a quick peek to see how everything was doing. (Because so much could happen in 24 hours, right?!)
Are leaves still firm? 
Hefted a plant pot to check weight - nothing is dried out so leave the water bottle alone!
Are the leaves relaxing yet and becoming less curled?

And then it happened.
Blueberry Kisses
I admit it: I touch leaves. 
Just about everything ever written say's don't do it!  
But it seems I {still} can't seem to help myself. 

Maybe they need help laying flatter?  

I rotate pots trying to get the leaves to turn towards the light in attempt to help them self-straighten. I pressed down lightly on Storybook Princess and there was lots of flexibility. I thought, "You look better already!" 
And moved on to her neighbor, Blueberry Kisses
A light press of my finger to see if that leaf sticking up in the air would settle down. Crunch. The sound and feel of a leaf stem snapping nearly off. Damn!
The little voice in my head said, "See, I told you hovering!"

The tag "oops" will probably see many more entries fall into that category as I go along. {Sigh.}

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