Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back away from the plants!

Lime Jewel

Later on Day 2.

Halfway into writing the previous entry I went to the light stand to take a few pictures. You must have pictures on a blog!
I wanted to document the curly leaves of Lime Jewel so that if when it improves I can show happy before and after pictures.
That's the plan...

While I was at it I wanted to get pictures of my recycled reservoir.
Recognize it? 
Coleslaw dish from Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Told Tom we were going to eat there again soon. For a good cause!

I was kind of messy re-potting the new arrivals. Nothing has had a bath or even been brushed with a soft paint brush yet for any kind of grooming. Figured they had enough stress trekking across country.  It could wait a few days. 
There was dust all over the top of the red cover so without thinking I blew onto it to take some of the dirt out of the next camera shot. Went flying in all directions for 2 feet across my sewing room table.  CRAP.

Lime Jewel may be one of those plants I'll need to start by leaf and grow completely under my own conditions. Right now it's hard to believe this ugly little duckling is ever going to straighten out. I took at least 5 leaves off when it arrived and several are propagating. 
(I did pretty well NOT planting every leaf I removed.)

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