Saturday, August 25, 2012

Conflicted by new use for African Violets

Sometimes you just have to laugh!

Exploring the internet with African Violet in the search engine still doesn't list this blog . . . yet?
Even with the exact title typed in, google says it can't find anything. Alas!  
Maybe that's just as well for now. :)
What I did find was a sometimes humorous advice column that mentions African Violets more than once so I thought I would share. 
What flower says "I used to really like you?"
Reader Question #5: How do I deal with a clingy friend 
who tries to make over my life?
"Dear Friend, please take this African Violet as a symbol of the close and wonderful friendship we once shared. Please enjoy it in good health, and if you are having a problem or just want to chat, please call someone else from now on."
* Opinions by Captain Awkward do not necessarily reflect my views. All advice, regardless of who delivers it, should be considered carefully before attempting.

Especially if you plan to share your plants! 
If I ever give you an African Violet THIS is probably NOT what I meant by it!

* I don't generally read advice columns so you'll have to google for yourself if you want to read any of their other advice.

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