Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Growing slowly but surely

After 3 weeks * 2 weeks and a day of hovering patiently monitoring my new African Violets, most of the curly, twisted plants are looking better. It's what I'm telling myself, anyway!
An honest count of the leaves I've put down as insurance points out there may be a problem. IF every one of them produces one healthy, strong plant... that's 36. The reality of leaf propagation is you might multiply that by 3. Or more. 
(I once had a leaf that put out 17 plantlets.)

If you do the math, you see the potential for chaos & over population from one innocent looking tray.
* Clearly math is NOT my strong suit.

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  1. I am enjoying your AV blog...
    Hoping this posts... I have tried three other days... guess my comments weren't 'rilliant', 'cause I can't remember them now! :)